Review Re-View [2003]

This is my schedule for the upcoming months of retrospectives where I re-watch movies I reviewed twenty years ago, assessing my original writing, and any new thoughts and analysis two decades hence. This is an extension from my very rewarding deep dive back into the films of 1999 and my early film reviews as a 17-year-old high school student (1999: The Greatest Year in Film? A Review Re-View). Not every writer has a resource of twenty-plus years of film reviews, so I figure why not continue looking back at these older reviews and films.

Stay tuned for further updates and review re-views as I look back on some of the more noteworthy films of that first year of the twenty-first century, and also cringe at some of my writing as an 20-year-old smartypants. Dear reader, your 2023 lineup of 2003 movies are:

January – City of God

February – Daredevil

March – The Core

April – Bulletproof Monk

May – The Matrix Reloaded

June – Hulk

July – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

August – Gigli

September – The Rundown, The Station Agent

October – Lost in Translation, Kill Bill vol. 1

November – Master & Commander, Big Fish

December – Cold Mountain, Monster



[2002 FILMS]

January – The Count of Monte Cristo

February – Crossroads

March – The Time Machine

April – Human Nature

May – Spider-Man, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

June – Mr. Deeds

July – K-19: The Widowmaker

August – S1mone

September – Secretary, One Hour Photo

October – Bowling for Columbine

November – Solaris, Punch Drunk Love

December – Gangs of New York, The Hours

2002 Totals:

Upgraded: 4

Same Grades: 5

Downgraded: 7

[2001 FILMS]

January – NONE, as I didn’t review a film originally released this month

February – Hannibal

March – Memento

April – Freddie Got Fingered

May – Moulin Rouge!, Pearl Harbor

June – A.I.: Artificial Intelligence

July – Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

August – The Others, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

September – Glitter

October – Mulholland Drive, Donnie Darko

November – In the Bedroom

December – Vanilla Sky, Monster’s Ball

2001 Totals:

Upgraded: 1 (and it was Glitter!)

Same Grades: 9

Downgraded: 4

[2000 FILMS]

January – Down to You

February – Wonder Boys

March – The Ninth Gate

April – American Psycho

May – Gladiator

June – Chicken Run

July – X-Men

August – The Cell

September – Almost Famous, Nurse Betty

October – Dancer in the Dark, Requiem for a Dream

November – Charlie’s Angels, You Can Count on Me

December – Cast Away, Traffic

2000 Totals:

Upgraded: 3

Same Grades: 7

Downgraded: 5

[1999 FILMS]

April – Go

May – NONE

June – Wild Wild West, South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

July – Eyes Wide Shut, The Blair Witch Project

August – The Iron Giant, The Sixth Sense

September – American Beauty, Double Jeopardy

October – Fight Club, Bats

November –  Dogma, The World is Not Enough

December – Man on the Moon, The Green Mile, Magnolia

1999 Totals:

Upgraded: 3

Same Grades: 11

Downgraded: 2


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