Review Re-View [2000]

This is my presumptive schedule for the upcoming months of retrospectives where I re-watch movies I reviewed twenty years ago, assessing my original writing, and any new thoughts and analysis two decades hence. This is an extension from my very rewarding deep dive back into the films of 1999 and my early film reviews as a 17-year-old high school student (1999: The Greatest Year in Film? A Review Re-View). Not every writer has a resource of twenty years of film reviews, so I figure why not continue looking back at these older reviews and films. Dear reader, your 2020 lineup of 2000 movies are:

January – Down to You

February – Wonder Boys

March – The Ninth Gate

April – American Psycho

May – Gladiator

June – Chicken Run

July – X-Men

August – The Cell

September – Almost Famous, Nurse Betty

October – Dancer in the Dark, Requiem for a Dream

November – Charlie’s Angels, You Can Count on Me

December – Traffic, Cast Away

Stay tuned for further updates and review re-views as I look back on some of the more noteworthy films of that first year of the twenty-first century, and also cringe at some of my writing as an 18-year-old smartypants.

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